quality, it is a habit


Environment, Health & Safety

Providing excellent quality products to our customers has always been our driving fuel and passion. In order to do this, we need to always make sure our production capability remains at its peak where the output will be of the greatest quality. With an overall staff who bring in many years of experience, our QA process is guided by strong quality systems to ensure consistency in quality with continuous process improvement. We at Trinity Steel incorporate a culture of total quality management, which empowers every employee to be constantly vigilant in maintaining quality.

ICC ES Evaluation

We achieved International Code Council certification in August 2018, which reviewed yearly. We bear the International Code Council registration number ICC ESR 4160.


Trinity Steel Private limited running a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 of International Organization for Standards. We received accreditation through GCAS Quality Systems in April 2018, which is valid till 2021.

CE 1020

Trinity steel awarded with CE certification, is one of the  product certification which act as a passport and visa for Europe Market

  • We emphasize on continually improving our processes and systems through constant vigilance. We carry out periodical Internal Quality Audits and Management Review to ascertain the continued suitability of the Quality Management System.
  • To encourage people’s participation in the improvement effort, we have introduced a Kaizen Suggestion scheme, for which a reward is offered every month for best suggestion.
  • 5 S, Productivity Improvement, Green Productivity are some of the initiatives we have already commenced.
  • Apart from all these efforts we have a comprehensive quality inspection system runs within the process 24/7.

Our Certifications


Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce – SACC
 The European Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka – ECCSL
International Chamber of Commerce SL – ICCSL
The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka.
Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association [FTZMA],


Our Expertise

Vendor Management

To make our products, only the best raw materials and production resources are used. We have a strong pre-qualification system to choose vendors for supply of machinery, raw materials, packaging and consumables.

RAW Material Inspection

In ensuring good products are made, we make it a point to start right at the source. Raw materials and consumables are given the same quality inspection at the store level before they reach the production floor.


Our ERP system oversees the entire manufacturing process, all the way from the raw material stage to the finished goods. Each finish product comes with a unique brand identification number that can help trace the raw materials and the process build that was involved in the manufacturing of the particular product.

WIP Inspection

Quality lies not only in the finished product, but the building of it from the start. We conduct regular inspections across all stages of production, carried out by qualified engineers. This ensures the entire process is managed and well monitored.

Pre-Dispatch Inspection

Once the production is complete, we ensure only the best products reach our clients. All our finished products are inspected thoroughly at the pre-dispatch stage. This ensures the final product is fit for delivery and use and reassures the integrity of the packaging material and container stuffing process to ensure seaworthiness of the products.

In-House Testing

In the process of perfecting the output, our finished goods and WIP material undergo the following pre and post-production tests: *Tensile testing *Bend yield moment test *Dimensional analysis *Coating weight analysis *Salt spray analysis