About us



A pioneer in the manufacturing industry, Trinity Steel Private Limited manufactures and distributes specialized steel products such as engineered fasteners, concrete accessories and other products that cater to the industrial and construction sectors. We are proud to say we serve a global clientele spanning across countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, South Korea and the UAE. At Trinity Steel, our main focus is always on our customer and delivering efficient products which exceed expectations is our topmost priority. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with precision technology which helps in keeping consistency on quality maintenance. As much as we take pride in excellent production, we believe in the strength of an excellent and efficient delivery system. Trinity Steel Private Limited is located in one of Sri Lanka’s top industrial hubs, with close proximity to the port and airport, further strengthening our connectivity for efficient trade with the rest of the world, in the timeliest deliveries.

In keeping true to the point of excellent products we deliver, our operations are governed by stringent quality systems to ensure consistency in our quality and improvement. We have adopted a culture of total quality management, which empowers all our staff to be constantly vigilant in maintaining the best of quality. Our staff comes from years of experience in the industry, which sets us apart from many. Our broad product portfolio is one of our unique strengths that comes with an array of products catered to the industry. Our in-house R&D teams are ever active in working on the continuous improvement of our products, adhering to the latest market technologies and trends, in accordance with what our customers have to say. This helps us continuously improve and stay ahead in the industry.

Our Expertise

Real Time Order Tracking

When it comes to orders we believe in transparency with our customers. We provide ERP/internet-based online tracking facilities for our customers to keep track of purchased orders.

Customer Centric

We uphold a core value of delighting our customer, always. This value is demonstrated by all our employees on all functional levels. We work closely with our customers to meet specific orders depending on the requirement.

Mixed SKUS

We understand our customer requirements vary from customer to customer, and we are always happy to accommodate to what our customer requires. We specialize in shipping different quantities of SKUs for different types of products.

Our Team

To make great products, along with technology, well-learned minds and hands truly do the magic. Our core team comprises of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our workforce has rich prior experience in manufacturing.

New Product Development

In the essence of bringing the best to our customers, we constantly work on our products to ensure they get the best from us. We have a strong R&D team that continuously works on our product range, ensuring it stays to the best quality and up to date to the latest industry standards.

Private Labelling

As every order is personal to us, we always ensure to help with adding a personal touch to our customer's order. We provide private labeling, specification to meet our client.

Custom Packaging

Each customer and each order is very personal to us. As per differentiating requirements, we accommodate packing as per requests. We customize packaging and design options as per our client’s request, ranging from 1lb to 50lb packaging.