Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is not just about managing, reducing, and avoiding risk, it is about creating opportunities, generating improved performance, making money, and leaving the risks far behind. 

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We at Trinity Steel Private Limited have a sense of responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment. This has always been Trinity Steel’s understanding of economic, ecologic and social sustainability. These are ideologies we uphold and are continuing to follow as a responsible organization. Even though we are a steel-based product manufacturer, we keep our company environment green. We aim to always be able to provide our customers and partners with the finest value. The same is true for our employees, society at large and our environment.

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Some of our CSR Activities.

Health & Safty

We invested in health and safety or environmental programs like the medical cover, educational programs and poster campaigns. Supported employees by providing accommodation, meals, etc., outside working hours during the COVID-19 lockdown. Testing of employees can be an important part of preventing an outbreak of infection, we Trinity Steel carried out PCR tests for our employees.

Reducing Co2 Footprint

To reduce carbon footprints, we distribute plants to our company employees, who were educated on green productivity. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, initiative and environment-friendly manufacturing. Replacing energy-consuming operations with energy-efficient methods. Investing in daylight harvesting Natural air flow technologies and planning to build solar power panels.

Sustainable Development

Our company policies that insist on working with partners, staff, and co-workers who follow ethical business practices. Supporting charitable organizations in the communities where the country needed supports. Ensuring full salaries were paid to staff during COVID 19 closure period even when the Government permitted to implement a pay cut.

Waste Management Control System​

We consider the waste management hierarchy as an essential policy For Food, water and we recycle Metal, Plastic, Polyethene, Wood and Paper​

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